DDE for Java FAQ

How do I access DDE server data from Linux (Solaris, MacOS)?

Since version 2.0 DDE for Java includes DDE proxy server, which allows clients from any platform to access DDE server data over a TCP network.

Your Excel examples throw "Request transaction has failed [4009]" exception.

Localized versions of Excel have different naming for cell items. The following table specifies which naming should be used depending on the language of Excel localization:

LanguageCell Item Name

You need to replace "R1C1" with appropriate cell naming for your Excel version.

Is it possible to use DDE for Java in a web application?


Is it possible to call DDE for Java from an applet?

Yes. But you need to set appropriate permissions to allow the applet to load dll implementation of the library (which is forbidden by default).

Which files are required for the DDE for Java operation?

javadde.dll which is copied by the installation to the Windows system folder, and dde.jar. javadde.dll should be in your PATH (or java.library.path), and dde.jar should be in your CLASSPATH.

Do you have plans implementing DDE server functionality?

No. DDE is a legacy protocol and we encourage the use of more modern solutions for interprocess communication. But those who cannot upgrade their DDE servers right away, we provide DDE client functionality for them, so that they could upgrade their clients now and gradually in the future upgrade their servers. But if you think you need server functionality anyway, e-mail your reasoning to support@javaparts.com and we will consider implementing it.